Fernando Caceres Jara is a Peruvian art maker and architectural heritage consultant, currently living and working in Stockholm.

Fernando has studied at Cambridge University,  the Courtauld Institute and the Architectural Association AA, London — specialising in fine art and historic building conservation . His areas of expertise include the conservation of easel and panel paintings, the conservation of polychrome objects, historic painting techniques and the recreation of historic schemes.

In his research and creations Fernando explores materials and techniques of historic paintings, syncretism and artistic vernaculars and the Renaissance in Europe and the New World. Recently Fernando has been exploring themes and figures of the epic of Gilgamesh, which he turned into an important collection of watercolours. In 2012 he started a series of ephemeral architectural installations with the project ‘Sparkling Slums’.

As a descendent of the earliest people of the High Andes, Fernando is deeply committed to preserving the complex richness of the oral tradition of his ancestors and spreading the Andean culture. He explores, transforms and translates Andean – and other ancient – myths, legends and rituals into contemporary pieces of art.

Since his presentation in Quito in 1998, where he exhibited and held conference papers during the negotiations of the Peace Treaty between Peru and Ecuador, Fernando has been praised as a leading Peruvian painter by national and international critics. His painting ‘The Seven Aymaras Harmonies‘ was given by Alberto Fujimori, the President of Peru to Jamil Mahuad, the President of Ecuador to commemorate this memorable event. In 2011 Fernando was awarded the First Consumer Intelligence Prize in Watercolour at the 159th Autumn Exhibition of the Royal Academy West for his painting ‘Gilgamesh and Enkidu‘.

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